Presentation of project content:

Beneficiary: ALPHA FEMTECH Ltd.
Project name: Wearable tech bodysuit for period pain management
Contracted refundable amount of venture capital: 15 million HUF
Planned Completion Date of the Project: Q1 2021
Project ID number: (GINOP-8.1.3/A-16)

Alpha Femtech is currently developing ARTEMIS, an intelligent body dress with two medically proven techniques, to eliminate period pain. The product is connected to an application allowing the user to personalise the strength and the module of the pain relief. The app with which the user will be able to set the intensity of the pain relief will give an objective feedback to the user about their period pain to help gynecologists diagnose endometriosis as well. The rise of the Femtech industry, however, is breaking taboos around menstruation. Femtech aka female technology refers to software, diagnostics, products and services that apply technology to improve women’s health. Femtech utilizes digital health products to motivate women to access and use applications for managing health issues. Femtech not only allows women to be more aware of their bodies, track their period, menstrual pain and mood, but build digital communities where women can feel understood, heard and supported. Importantly, it also helps the scientific understanding of the female body - a previously heavily under-researched area. Testing of the first prototype of the ARTEMIS menstrual pain-reducing body developed by our company was performed with 10 volunteers of primary dysmenorrhoea aged 22-34 years. The body significantly reduced the level of pain which effect persists even after the use of the device. The 40% of testers reported a reduction in their other menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, low back pain, and weakness around the thighs.
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